Ambition: good or bad?

Ambition. How many people – so many opinions. Some believe that the ambitiousness – this arrogance, arrogance, conceit, arrogance and excessive ambition.
Others see ambition as the determination, drive, and ability to solve complex tasks.

Ambition. How many people – so many opinions. Some believe that the ambitiousness – this arrogance, arrogance, conceit, arrogance and excessive ambition.
Others see ambition as the determination, drive, and ability to solve complex tasks.

What is ambition?

“I am easily satisfied as to the best” – a phrase of Winston Churchill, and this is probably the best sentence to describe a person with ambition. From Latin, ambition means heightened self-esteem, excessive self-esteem.

In more detail, ambition – a claim for recognition, respect, human confidence that he is worthy of the best and will be able to achieve this. This ability to defend their point of view, their views, to get a wish. It developed a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, ambition, lust for get a wish. It developed a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, ambition, lust for power.

Who is an ambitious person?

Ambitious people sometimes likened to the people, endowed with a high pedigree and “great power” (kings, presidents) – he thinks that deserves more respect and a special attitude.
And he himself will decide whom to give his favor, who give their friendship and indulgence, who is truly worthy of this

Well, you must admit that the character trait “ambition” has a rather negative connotation than positive. However, it is not so, why – we will discuss a little later in this article.

The properties and characteristics of ambition

We ambitions have three distinctive features: understated, adequate and excessive ambition. Understated ambitions are a person too modest and shy, insecure, with low self-esteem. Guilt for his success, the lack of experience of success or failure to resist the pressure of other people are doing such an individual incapable of claims slightly higher than the baseboard. They float down the river, the crowd, “like everyone else.” Why? Unresolved intrapersonal conflicts, stiffness, negative inner dialogue – there are many constraints on ambitions that do not allow such a person to “spread its

  • wings” and take a step towards your dreams and goals. In fact, such people are stronger than they think and are able to very much.
  • Inflated ambitions – the exact opposite of man, which we have described above. This is the case when a man “bites off a piece more than he can swallow.” Simply put, he does not take responsibility commensurate with their real capacity to sustain this responsibility. He takes on the case, which will not be able to perform, does not compare their abilities, talents, and skills to the real complexity of the problem. What’s happening? A man imagines himself the center of the universe, grabs everything, beats his chest like King Kong, and when it is impossible to do something or decide offended by the whole world and withdraws into himself – so that later with the same unwavering confidence once again to take on another daunting task.
  • Adequate ambitions – it is the ideal “golden mean”, the balance between your powers and abilities, and the complexity of the tasks you like to achieve. This is a sensible prioritization, competent assessment of their forces, without attribution of additional “options.” With adequate ambition usually occur big breakthroughs, people moving forward, solving problems and gaining experience, while not losing friends because of overly inflated self-esteem or vice versa softness.

Factors influencing the formation and size of ambition

The formation of ambition is influenced by various factors such as, for example, parents, and that the family in which you grew up: the rich and successful parents always taught my children that family tradition they are also required to achieve success and financial independence by any means, to not to shame the family and not to apply the ordinary phrase “every family has an idiot.” As you know, the child simply has no other choice but to “go over the heads.”

Another situation: poor people from a simple family, without any special achievements, aspirations, and talents, cultivate the child in an atmosphere of “the rich, and so happy,” and inoculate their child humility, insecurity, inability to demand what he really lives there zasluzhivaet. As a result, they feel dissatisfaction and depression.

We take a classic example, of course, there are opposite examples when the rich are raising a child in humility and not particularly spoiled, but it happens rarely.

It is much more common opposite situation regarding poor family where the parents of the last forces scrape a child a good education, and inspire him, he deserves more than they that he will be beaten out in people, and he will succeed. And it’s great – you should always believe in themselves and hope for the best.

Another factor that affects the formation of ambition – it personal qualities of the individual. In particular, his extroversion or introversion.

It is believed that extroverts often manage to succeed expense of their communication skills, openness and lightness. Accordingly, the ambitions they have more, they exaggerated and often quite selfish and conceited. In addition, they are more than introverts, need recognition. Not without reason, among others, the properties called extroverts such as brash, noisy, self-centered, a poseur.

Introverts are also considered to be quiet, modest and shy, and they have ambitions at first glance less. They do not care what people think about their surrounding, they are in their own world.

Here, too, things are not quite so: extroverts are open and communicate more easily, but they can also be self-conscious, embarrassed and sometimes may not feel confident in their abilities. Introverts are also much deeper see and feel than extroverts and often know what they want from life, and go to that is not so obvious and direct ways, like extroverts, but still quite hard and persistently. Like the water that flows slowly, encountering stone, it flows around it and continues to sail along its route further, though not noticing the obstacles.

However, despite the ambiguity of the properties of introverts and extroverts, though belonging to one or another type of personality affects the size and properties of human ambition.

Ambition: good or bad?

So be ambitious man still – good or not? Each person will respond to it differently. As for us, we believe, is the “two sides of the coin”, and now you will understand why.

Ambitious man goes to his goal, sometimes not noticing that it offends someone presses their pressure, press down under him weak people. Is it good or bad? Of course, bad. Decent and educated man, to achieve their goals, do not need to “walk over” and achieve success expense of the failure of others.

However, it is not so bad. In life, the most important thing – to achieve that same balance in order to achieve their own, and so that it does not harm others. This is exactly the “golden mean” adequate ambition, which we talked about above.

If you are well trained and understand that to achieve their goals do not need to infringe upon the interests of other, stepping on their advantage – you will achieve the desired, without making enemies.
Of course, you have to believe in its success, as well as that you are worthy of success! Always and under all circumstances, you need to believe it. However, if necessary, need to “give in” another way to help others, and as much to the success of others as his own. It is hard to learn, and it appears only on the nobility of the soul and wisdom, as well as the properties of the notorious “love your neighbor.” Not all of this can, of course, we are all people and for the most part self-centered.

Here is a personal choice of each individual. A bit of arrogance in life does not hurt, but still need to try to be “in a vacuum”, do not go blindly to their goal, ignoring others, and to keep up with someone, choose a wise experienced patron and trust him, and weighed their capabilities to those tasks that you like to achieve – and also have a good sense that in case of failure are not to blame anyone but himself, and extract the experience of these tasks.

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