Career growth– a natural process that is required and the authorities, and to a subordinate. But alas, even very diligent employee often gets stuck in a career lift. How to achieve the coveted promotion and empowerment with a corresponding extension of the salary?

Where we can expect promotion – the secrets of career

From which may depend on career growth, and why your colleague, not you, not infrequently gets a prize in the form of promotion? To understand the forms of promotion through the ranks:

  • Career “lift” on the merits.Career development is directly dependent on the results of performance of tasks, if a company evaluation work is carried out on a “what has turned out – and then got”. As a rule, solid companies is prescribed in detail, as the time that the employee must have worked for a certain position to increase and skills, which should appear in his career “arsenal”.
  • Career “lift” on preferences.This form of promotion can be divided into the secret and public. The first is based on certain hidden preferences, likes and other emotional factors. Second, the public – on the professionalism and competence of staff. The third (rare) form of increasing preference based on the “Similarity” – similarity of characters, chat ‘on the same wavelength “or commonality in the manner of dressing. 1 and 3 options are rarely observed in the competent and visionary leaders (interfere with the sympathy and the work is not accepted at the business people).
  • Career lift as a bonus for diligence.The term “hard work” includes not only a sense of duty and responsibility of the employee, but also complete obedience to his boss, the consent of all required maintenance chief jokes laughter, acceptance chief hand in any conflict, and so forth.
  • Career lift on the “order of size” or seniority.This form of promotion is present in those companies where the practice of encouraging an increase in the employee for “seniority” or under the supervision of the Chief, or to work in the same enterprise. In this case, the faster it will take to raise, who worked longer. A kind of “loyalty” of the company or superiors sometimes outweighs all merit and potential employee.
  • Career lift with the participation of the employee.If the above-described embodiment relates to an increase without the intervention of an employee, this case – the opposite. An employee directly involved in the process of raising. Either he is offered this increase ( “can handle it?”), Or the employee himself declares that “ripe” for more authority.

10 ways to get the desired position – how to achieve greater work?

Principles of promoting a career lift, Followed by most companies:

  • Quality work.The decisive factor is just the result of your work. Your reputation, return to work, confirmed the efficiency of – the criteria on the basis of which senior managers will make decisions – to promote or not to promote.
  • Teamwork. Work as a team.Office – not cell for privacy and space to express their position “sociopath.” Stay with the group: Participate in projects samovydvigaytes in the working groups offering assistance, form opinions about themselves as a person who manages all, with all the contact and is developing comprehensively.
  • Never be late to the workplace.It is better to arrive a few minutes early in the morning and go home in the evening for a few minutes after the others. This will create the visibility of your “zeal” to work. Position- itself “target” select, based on the capabilities of both the company and of its real possibilities. “I am easily trained” – here will not work, you have to be ready for anything.
  • Use all opportunities for training and professional development – to the fullest.If there is a need to adjust the already acquired skills – ask for help for training, use the possibility of additional courses, etc. Your qualifications should not doubt even you, is not something that the leadership..
  • Sociability.Try to be on the same wave with all – do not avoid dialogue with colleagues, corporate events and meetings. You have to become, if not the soul of the team, then the person who is trusted by all, and whose reliability assured. That is, you should all become “his”.
  • Do not forget about the compliance procedure.Of course, you already know and trust you, but in addition to internal candidates and external considering. So it does not hurt to update the resume and write a cover letter. If there are rules for applying for jobs, these rules should be followed precisely.
  • Discuss its rise with the boss.Of course, the manager may not know about your goals and aspirations. And you can be useful to his recommendations. “Sincere” dialogue can contribute to increase. Will be important and letters of recommendation from colleagues leadership positions.
  • Prepare for the interview.This procedure is carried out during the transition from one position to another, provided in most companies. The interview can be a defining moment in your increase, so by this stage should be prepared in advance.
  • Do not seek to become indispensable at the current position.Becoming indispensable, you show the authorities that are better than you with your office no one to consult. Respectively, and transfer you to another position no one wants – why waste such a valuable frame at this place. Therefore, continuing to give themselves to work one hundred percent, get you patronized and taught him all the tricks. That in case of increasing the prospects you can replace. In this case, a mandatory take over and more responsible tasks to show what you are capable of more. Showcase your serious approach to the work and responsibility at all levels.
  • Look for contact with management.Not lizoblyudstvo and servile obedience and honesty, directness, principal line of conduct – without participation in intrigues and collective undercover games, liability and other essential qualities. Management should respect you.
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