Mercantile issue of increasing wages is always considered uncomfortable and “sensitive” in our society. However, a man who knows his own worth will be able to find solutions to this issue and will enter the direct conversation with the boss. Today we look at the advice of experienced people as worthy of asking for higher wages.

When asking for a pay rise? Choose the right time

As is known, the management of any company not misses with higher wages to their employees until they will be interested in their more vigorous activity, while improving their efficiency. Raising wages is often the lever of influence on the workers, means to stimulate their involvement in the case, the bonus for good work with the prospect of a job “even better”. Thus, a person who has decided to ask the company’s management salary increases, should “assemble in an iron fist,” all the emotions, and very thoroughly think through the arguments.

  1. The first thing to do before actually talking about wage increases – to reconnoiter the situation in the company. Be careful to ask the employees whether the company practices – to raise salaries, for example, at certain times, once every six months or a year. It is also necessary to determine, specifically depends on one salary increase – from your boss, or from the head higher, which according to the rules you do not have to address the possibility.
  2. It should also determine the level of inflation in the region over the last year, and the average salary of specialists of your profile in the city, the region – this data can be useful to you in a conversation with the leadership, as the argument.
  3. For such a conversation you need to select the correct day, avoiding days “rush job”, and obviously difficult – for example, Friday, should not be late for work before you plan to start a conversation about the salary increase. The best time for this conversation – after the successful completion of some of the global work in the company, a successful project in which you take a direct and significant part. It should refrain from talking about a raise of salary, if the expected or tested at the plant, expected major events, large-scale restructuring and reorganization.
  4. If suddenly you as a potential employee, drew the attention of the rival company, it is a very opportune moment to talk about the addition to the salary, as a means to keep you in the same place.
  5. If we talk directly about the talk time, according to the research of psychologists, it is necessary to schedule at the middle of the day at noon – an hour of the day. Well, if you can advance to ask colleagues or secretary about the mood of the boss.
  6. Talking to your boss should only be undertaken alone, without the presence of colleagues or other visitors at the boss. If your boss a lot of things – put a conversation, do not climb “on the rampage.”

How to prepare for a conversation about the salary increase? We determine the arguments

  1. Before you start talking about the salary increase, you have to specify all their positive qualities, as well as its important role in the work of the whole team. Remember the list and first for all your services, industrial achievements and victories. If you have any special promotions – diplomas, thanks, it’s worth remembering them and then mention in the conversation.
  2. To ask for a salary increase, you must firmly know the amount you claim, it is necessary to think in advance. It often happens that the employee salary raise in the amount of not more than 10% of his former salary. But there is a little trick – ask for an amount slightly larger paycheck to the head of a little bargaining and lowering your bar, still focused on the 10%, which you and counted at the beginning.
  3. Beforehand you must abandon the pleading tone of any “pressure on the pity” in the hope that the heart of the chief falter. Tune in to a serious discussion, because it is, in fact, is a business negotiation required in normal operation. Like any business negotiations, this process requires the precise formulation of a business plan – it is necessary to draw up, intending to go to the authorities.
  4. Before an important conversation you have to determine for themselves the range of questions that can ask you, as well as to consider the most accurate and reasoned responses to them. Insecure people can rehearse this conversation with any other understanding person, or even go to a psychologist for counseling.

As it is necessary to ask for salary increments? Effective words, phrases, methods

  • It must be borne in mind that almost all the heads of enterprises rather negative attitude to phrases such as “I have come to ask to increase my salary,” or “I believe that my salary should be increased.” It is necessary to approach this question is very thin, and do not start a conversation with phrases about the increase to the salary and its indexing. The result, in this case, may be achieved, but more subtle psychological maneuver.
  • In no case do not start a conversation with the head of the phrase “I am a work in the department,” “I, like a bee, toil for the good of the team including weekends and holidays” – this will lead to the opposite result. If you do not expel the head of the office (and from work) once, then he will certainly remember you, and expect a quick increase to the salary you do not have to. The conversation should be started quietly as possible, citing the arguments: “I analyzed the rate of inflation over the last year – it amounted to 10%. In addition, the wages of my professional development is so much. In my opinion, I have the right to rely on my salary indexing – the more so because I took part …. The volume of my work over the last year has increased … received the results allow to judge the effectiveness of my work in the company … “.
  • Because, as we recall, the increase in salaries, many managers believe the stimulus for more active work of employees, as well as the promotion of their services to the enterprise, in a conversation you need to give arguments about its effectiveness in the work, development for the good of the team and the company. Well, if this conversation is confirmed by documents – letters, graphs of the results of work, calculations, financial and other reports.
  • Talk about salary increase should be reduced to the fact that from it will win you not only directly, but also to the whole team, the whole enterprise. As an argument, it should result in a phrase such as “With the increase in my salary I will be able to solve more of my personal needs, which means – can immerse themselves in the work and achieve even greater results in it.” Well, if you give an example of increasing your functional at work – in fact, if you perform more duties than at the very beginning, your wages must also be increased in proportion to them – it will understand and positively accept any leader.
  • If in the process you took a refresher course, sought to attend training seminars, participated in conferences, received some work experience, you should remind the supervisor about it. You become more skilled employees, and it means that you are supposed to pay a bit more than before.
  • Any manager will assess if a conversation about a raise wages you will continue in the light of its future projects. Tell us what you want to achieve at work and vocational training in the coming year, you want to build your work, make it more efficient. If you are very worried – it does not matter if you bring your notebook with notes about the conversation points not to miss important details.
  • If you are refused a raise, or increased salary – but a smaller amount, you have to ask the boss, the conditions under which you will raise the salary. Try to bring the conversation to a logical conclusion, that is, to a specific “yes” or “no.” If the chief said he would think – ask him exactly when you need to go for an answer, and this wait specifics – the boss will appreciate your integrity, self-confidence.

Common mistakes in talking about the salary increase, which should be avoided

Blackmail. If you come to a head with the requirement to raise the salary, or you quit, do not expect a pay rise some more time. This is – a gross error that can cost you business reputation, but does not contribute to an increase in salary.

  • Constant reference to the salaries of other employees, as well as hints on inefficient, error other colleagues– is barred, and the chief is right, if you refuse to increase salaries.
  • compassionate tone. Trying to soften, some mountain-seekers try to increase to the salary mentioned in the conversation with the head of the poor starving children, their home problems and diseases. Tearfulness and pessimism can only customize your boss against you, because he needs to be confident employees who will be happy to raise salaries.
  • Insistent mention of money topics. In a conversation with the head of need to talk not only about the most a raise of wages, but also on the prospects for its professionalism, its plans, and progress in work. R & D, even in this mercantile conversation should be a priority.
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