What is productive work? How to become a productive person?

Secrets of productive work for all, who aims for success. Become a productive person dream of many. So whether it’s just like it says in the books? It is. Enough to find their productive work time, choose a comfortable environment for productive work and clearly understand what steps need to do to become a productive person.

Productivity: What Is It?

Productivity – the key to success in any business. We are talking about the competent organization of work and to maximize results.

Productive work – is work that:

  • It performed particularly high quality;
  • It brings a good result;
  • It makes pleasure;
  • It needs to take the initiative;
  • “It does not make” look at the clock.

It is important to clearly understand that productivity is not related to the amount of time spent at work. For maximum productivity, it does not matter how many hours you have worked. Sometimes 2-3 hours, you can do as much as doing for 15-16 hours. That hides the secrets of productive work.

The practice shows, it is difficult to be productive for people who:

  • not aware of where and why they are moving;
  • persevere – move to the goal, even in the case where the work has ceased to be interesting (do not forget to review the goals and convinced of its relevance);
  • They consider themselves perfectionists (because of his desire to achieve a perfect result you can spend a lot of time and effort to the perfect execution of the work that nobody wants);
  • They are in a state of waiting – waiting for the arrival of the Muses, inspiration, dream about vacation, expecting an important call, etc .;
  • accustomed to delay the start of proceedings-they waiting for Monday, Birthday, New Year, but did not begin in time to solve an important problem;
  • They spend most of their time in their past or dreams of the future.

You can call a lot of reasons why people spend hours, days, years in vain. Time eater (hronofagi) detail painted on the forum.

How to become productive at work?

If you are interested in productive work, follow these recommendations:

  1. Find a productive time. Someone comfortable to work in the morning, someone used to work in the afternoon or even at night. Make sure that at what time you are most productive. And use this time wisely. The fact that you do the work in productive time, will bring you the best result.
  2. Get enough sleep, good rest. Successful people plan not only your time but also relaxation. They know how to efficiently relax after work. And you?
  3. Work strictly according to plan. Giving only 5-10 minutes planning your day, you will be able to become more productive and save up to 2-3 hours. Your plan should not be a lot of important tasks. Learn to delegate.
  4. Qualitatively organize your workspace. On the table, there should be nothing superfluous, all right (notebook, notebook, pen, etc.) Should be close at hand. Otherwise, you can not have productive work. Also, do not forget about the room lighting and a comfortable temperature. These factors help to be productive. If the room is dim below 20 degrees, get ready for what will be able to prevent 44% more errors than if they worked at 25 degrees in a bright room.
  5. Make it a habit to first make complex business, and then move on to simple problems. If the “elephant” thinks big, start to “eat” it to pieces. Scary to start a huge project? You just start, without thought, without persuasion, without motivation. Begin and do not notice how addicted. At the end of the day is best left to simple tasks
  6. Reduce the number of smoke breaks, breaks, teas and so on.
  7. Take breaks between the execution of tasks. Hour or job – rest a few minutes. If you are very tired, allow yourself to take a nap at least 7-15 minutes. This will be enough to again become productive.
  8. Switch off your phone, do not access the Internet when working on an important matter.
  9. Monitor your productivity. For these many useful services, Applications.
  10. Appreciate your time. Determine how much is your moment. And every time loser fit wants on the Internet, gossip with colleagues pulls herself. Remember that every day back issued 86,400 units burn forever.
  11. Firmly say “no” not only perfectionism, laziness, distraction, but perpetual beggars, who are used to shift their responsibilities to you.
  12. Capture your success. Intermediate control on the way to the goal is very important. For this is perfect Diary of success and gratitude.

As you can see, no dreaded no secrets. All obvious and well known. The main thing – to act. Say “goodbye” procrastination and learn to be a productive person.

If your work is productive, you will not suffer from a lack of or lack of time. Free time can be spent on a favorite hobby, leisure, and other pleasant activities. I wish you fruitful work! You all must succeed!

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