What to say when leaving work

From time to time some people come to believe that you need to change jobs. Sometimes the reason may not be a that bad job, and simply need a change in my life. Already Gone are the days when one place a man could work out your whole life and be happy because the choice of some was not.

Now the age of progress when developing new activities, and everyone can try to choose among a variety of different positions. The most important thing that the work was enjoyable and not a burden. We work to live, not live to work. Every branch in life is to take its place. Remember, the work is only addition to everything else. Give her allotted time, without sacrificing something much more valuable, for example, leisure and family.

If the question of the dismissal finally resolved, then how to quit your job to the change in the life of everyone benefited?

Why change jobs?

Check your motives. Some people retire only to satisfy their ambitions. They believe that in the same place:

  • they do not appreciate how good worker;
  • underpaid, and they deserve more;
  • constantly nagging and many require.

Often, these problems arise from the relationship of the worker. Many people allow themselves to systematically late, not to take the job on time, or to engage in foreign affairs. And it is clear that the authorities attitude changes. After all, the employer pays for the good work, and not for the beautiful eyes.

Perhaps there was a conflict, so that people decided to leave, or simply changed the circumstances. But if you still do not like something, then go away – it’s absenteeism from the situation. From problems does not have to run, they must be addressed. And there is no guarantee that the new place will be all your way. It does not happen! Change their attitude to the situation, or to individuals, and from this you will become much easier. No one wants to about it the wrong impression, as an irresponsible person who changes jobs such as gloves.

If the problem is the salary, why not go to your boss and explain things as they are. After all, all the people, and perhaps it will go into your situation and improve it. But to make such a move, you must be a hard worker and a good account of oneself. Each work must be done appropriately paid.

All is decided…

If all above does not apply to this situation, you should familiarize yourself with the Labor Code, in order to know how to quit your job.

Notice of resignationIt shall be in writing and provided superior. It must be signed by the supervisor and registered in the record book, if any. It is not necessary to report their decision to colleagues before the talk with the employer, it is simply indecent. Head deserves to know about it first. In this conversation, it is necessary to observe the rules of etiquette.

Needless to say that did not like about this job or, even worse, about the personal dislike to the head. Rasstantes amicably, so that later was not ashamed to look him in the eye. And remember, life is such a thing, that everything can turn a boomerang, and still have to come face to face with a former employer.

The relationship with the boss is still depends on what article of entry will be made in the workbook, and it affects a lot. Even if the treatment really was not the best, you still do not have to be like these people. You need to save their dignity. After all, that makes the man – it’s his inner qualities.

Dismissal process

After registration of the application to be the most difficult. Such a conversation should be prepared that everything was under control. To think, what to say, if the boss will begin offering new conditions, such as higher wages, vacation, or less of a burden. After all, nobody wants to lose a good employee, and any forces ready to maintain its state.

If the dismissal due to the emergence of a new job, you have to reject the above-mentioned proposals and stand your ground. Thank your supervisor for the good cooperation, such behavior will help maintain a positive view of yourself.

a notice servedtwo weeks before departure, it is worth remembering. Sometimes this term is reduced by mutual agreement. Or increases mean that you must find and learn some new employees. Indeed, such a solution may surprise the employer. Perhaps there is a need to complete a major project or a knock out other things to do. It would be better if there will be no tail behind you.

Within 14 days there is the opportunity to change his mind. Some workers manipulate superiors such statements for raising salaries. But if a person has decided to leave, so should do it. After manipulation – dishonest reception. Opinion in the team will change soon, and already very difficult to regain its former respect.

The most common options for dismissal

You can leave for a variety of articles of the Labor Code, but this depends on the future life. It is best to leave work when there is an alternative. But if forced to go without moving to a different location, the following points should be considered. There are two common variants of records in the workbook:

  1. Voluntary redundancy.

There is a significant difference between these two concepts. If you intend to after the dismissal to be registered at the center employment and receive provision under the law payment of unemployment, it is better to leave at the parties’ agreement. And the compensation you get almost immediately assessed. And if you leave at the first option, you will have to wait a long time.

It is not enough to wait for offers from the employment center, and it is necessary and by the search for suitable vacancies. You can refer to your friends, relatives or acquaintances ask around. It is also effective to put your resume on the Internet, so more likely to find a suitable place, as the Internet is now used by all. From time to time, look through the ads in the newspaper.

But if the employer a conflict, then a positive outcome can not hope. An employer may dismiss and through certain errors, which will reduce your chances of finding a good job. Therefore it is necessary to leave on a positive note. You can also ask for a letter of recommendation, which will describe the head of all the skills and traits that affect professionalism.

After the termination of the employment contract worker was handed the workbook with a record and printing, the salary for the last time. If there are any unused vacation days they may take or receive monetary compensation. But if the employer refuses to issue that must by law, the employee can sue. It’s legal rights and can not be broken.

Dismissal of a very serious step, especially if the person has worked for a long time. You must weigh the pros and cons, it’s a new twist in life. It is worth considering whether the new work to meet all needs, both physical and emotional. If you promise high wages, then the requirements are appropriate. Some employers want their employees were given the full, not seeing any weekend or holidays. Remember the popular saying – slow and steady wins the race.

Do not sacrifice your family for the sake of better earnings. After all, money is not worth more than loved ones. With the wrong attitude, you can lose everything. Many settled on a tight schedule that used to provide their children with all that this world offers. But children need love and attention, and no toys do not replace.

You need to be savvy in all cases and with regard to the dismissal!

there comes a time when you want to do something new and interesting for myself, to realize the dream of youth in the life of every human being.

At this point, before the person appears to be the choice of a gray worker in his place, or do what he likes, which will bring pleasure and profit.

Apart from these situations arise, and others that are related to the preservation of social benefits. Then it is necessary to take into account the laws of the Labor Code.

Before you call out after the head of “I’m leaving,” should think about the whole situation carefully. Quit nice – it does not mean that you let us know what the chief in person about their everyday concerns.

This means that you get a minimum cost of time and the maximum payment under the employment contract.

You do not need to invent a beautiful cause to quit on their own, to choose the most appropriate moment.

How to quit your job voluntarily:

  1. If the reason for dismissal is a conflict with the management, it is necessary to draw up a document in duplicate. First apply for approval to the head, the second – to send by registered mail. So there will be complaints about the loss of the application and firing of the article.
  2. Better to write a statement on Friday. This precisely defines the scope of mining, which lasts about 2 weeks after application.
  3. If released before, should know exactly the reason for such generosity. Such a gesture may be associated with material benefit.
  4. It should calculate the indexing and severance pay in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise.
  5. At the time of completion of work necessary to return all items, tools, and equipment, which has been reserved for you at the time of operation.

If you went to the hospital at the time of working off of schedule, the communication gap with respect to the employment contract, and return to work the book is done remotely.

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