How to behave on the first working day: tips for graduates

All your past life was at the desk: first school, then high school, and only occasionally and partially interrupted by the underworking study. And then obtained a diploma, come – the first job. How to behave, to settle down in the team and does not do something silly? How to apply themselves for the first time?

Welcome to real life!

Behind the heavy session and the teacher, which will not please everyone. Great: no more exams at the end of the semester. However, there is bad news. Now you can check in any day: your boss, colleagues, partners or customers. Much depends on the very first days in office. How to apply themselves at work? What behavior will attract colleagues and show the boss that you can count on you?

Here are a few useful tips.

  1. Strictly adhere to the established time schedule. Come on time or even a little earlier. Do not go for lunch ahead of, go back to the end of the break.
  2. Dress code, if such is the demand of the company. If it is not installed, dressed according to the nature of their work. To understand what style adopted in this area, look for new colleagues – particularly those who are standing on the step of the career ladder, and to which you aspire.
  3. Listen, listen, listen! And observe. Especially for the first time. This will help to understand how the roles in the team and that it, protect against the unwanted relationship, which you then have to regret.
  4. Do not spread gossip and make every effort not to become their subject. This does not mean that they need to turn a deaf ear: gossips – an excellent source of information. Learn how to respond to gossip at work, first of all, to separate truth from fiction.
  5. Watch your manners. Remember what you learned as a child. “Thank you”, “please” and other magic words has not been canceled. Perhaps your friend like when you rushes to him without knocking – but the boss and co-workers is unlikely to enjoy.
  6. Keep phone etiquette. Of course, you use the phone all my life and know how to do it. But business calls have their own characteristics. You must be able to start and finish a conversation.
  7. Find yourself a mentor. Look around, possibly in a team working elderly aunt, who would like to take you under his wing and teach all the tricks? Your boss is hardly suitable for this role, but the head of the “middle” completely.
  8. Do not pretend you know more than they actually are. Instead, gather and process information, which is not enough for you.
  9. If you do not know how to perform a particular job, ask. Even if you think that the questions you’ll find glaring gaps in your knowledge, there is nothing to worry about. Because we all know that you are a beginner. Ask – it’s much better than to screw up the whole project or part of it.
  10. Learn how to properly dispose of their time. This will help you meet deadlines – and meet deadlines is essential (unless you are not warned that they can be moved).
  11. And finally, try to learn the corporate culture and employee behavior. Every company formed its own style: how to work, spending free time, how to avoid conflicts or resolve them. Try to stick to them. How to communicate with employees: official or friendly? if they come to work early in the evening and there are late? Are there strict hours of lunch break?

Do not worry if your things do not go so well as I would like. This is your first job – all sure to get better with time!

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